Any Weather Trail Wear


Our three-season line-up of cold weather mountain bike gear dials breathability, so you’ll spend less time shedding layers and more time shredding singletrack. Get ready to charge the climbs, rip the descents, and keep rolling whatever the weather. The right gear is all you need to extend the season.


cold & windy

When the trees lose their leaves and the wind whips through the forest, it’s nice to have a little extra protection from the elements. Gear like the Summit AmFIB® Lite pants adds wind and water protection where it’s needed most while still prioritizing breathability. Up top, a thermal baselayer pairs perfectly with the new Summit ECOLoft™ Vest or super-packable Summit PRO Barrier Jacket. And don’t forget something for your ears and extremities, like the warm-yet-precise Summit Alpha Glove and cozy Merino Thermal socks.

cold & windy weather mtb gear


If winter in your neck of the woods means rain instead of snow, shifting into the dark months is more about staying dry to keep comfortable. Our WxB gear is designed to help you maintain a stable microclimate, providing rain protection while prioritizing breathability. A jacket with an over helmet hood, like the Summit PRO Neoshell®, prevents water from running down your back on the trail and adds surprising comfort. The new Summit WrX Neoshell glove keeps your digits drier so you can hit your brake points with confidence.

wet weather mtb gear

deep winter

Riding deep in the winter months can leave you feeling you’re somehow cheating the system and getting bonus trail days. The truth is, with a smart layering strategy and the right gear, it can be some of the most rewarding riding of the year. When winter hits, riders have been turning to AmFIB softshell for decades. Items like the Summit AmFIB Alpha pant and Canyon ECOLoft Jacket provide the perfect balance of insulation and ventilation, so trail efforts don’t leave you clammy an hour into the ride. Add shoecovers, under helmet ear protection, and our legendary winter gloves, and you’re ready for the trails on even the coldest days.

deep winter weather mtb gear