Elevate Your Ride

levitate™ chamois - Innovation is in our genes.

Since we made the first synthetic chamois in 1983 we’ve been on a mission to bring riders the best in chamois technology. Because when it comes to chamois, comfort equals performance. Inspired by that plush ride feeling of perfectly-tuned gravel tires, or MTB suspension, the Levitate chamois lets riders float through road and trail chatter without absorbing as much of the impacts.

Next Gen Suspension Core™

Multiple density chamois provide the best balance of support and comfort, but leveraging the properties of different densities to significantly improve ride quality has largely remained untapped. Until now. Our new Next Gen Suspension Core smoothly supports your body weight during stable pedaling, and cushions even with impacts up to 4x the force. The result is a chamois that helps you float over bumps, potholes and road chatter. And so the Levitate name was born.

1:1® Boundary Layer

A chamois needs to solve two problems: damping road imperfections and reducing pedaling friction. Our 1:1 Boundary Layer is the enemy of friction. It moves with you dynamically and quickly wicks moisture off your skin to keep you dry. To help it perfectly match your body, the Suspension Core is attached just at the front and rear, so that the two layers can move independently, settling into the best position to keep in comfortable contact. We also increased the overall footprint of the Boundary Layer based on tester feedback to ensure that it stays between you and your bike at all times. You’ll feel like this chamois is always in the right spot.

Infinite Edge™

The best chamois disappear while you’re riding. So our goal is to make sure you don’t feel anything that could cause discomfort down the road, including transitions from firm to soft or thick to thin within the chamois. We carefully cut away excess material to reduce bulk and create a smooth taper that blends seamlessly, which we call Infinite Edge. All you’ll feel is supportive comfort.

Dynamic Relief Channel™

For years riders have benefited from center line pressure-reducing saddles. Our new Levitate chamois takes this concept to the next level with the Dynamic Relief Channel, which holds its pressure-relieving shape no matter how the chamois bends and flexes under the rider. You’ll feel support where you want it and nothing where you don’t.

Innovate to Levitate

You can find the all new Levitate chamois in a wide range of our latest bibs and shorts. The full-featured Levitate PRO with Next Generation Suspension Core is used in the updated premium PRO collection. We’ve applied the same innovative thinking to a single layer Levitate chamois for our best-selling Quest shorts. Once you ride with the Levitate, you’ll never go back. Beat gravity, ride Levitate.

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