Whether you’re cranking on the road, cruising trails, exploring gravel routes that hit somewhere in between, or grinding on an indoor trainer, what’s on your feet can have a major impact on your riding experience. Shoes, after all, are our most critical connection with the bike. That’s why our design team is committed to developing the best technology for all of our footwear categories, so however you ride - your shoes will be ready to go the distance.

Read on for advice to help you select the right shoe for road, gravel, mountain biking, or spin class.


Offering the most lightweight options and a highly efficient pedaling experience, road shoes excel on smooth and predictable terrain. With fully rigid soles with materials such as carbon, carbon inserts or nylon, and the 3-bolt delta cleat mounting system, this category offers the most power transfer from your legs to the pedals.

Road shoes


Mountain bike shoes include 2-bolt SPD-compatible and flat pedal options. Our 2-bolt SPD-compatible shoes are well suited to balance pedaling needs with off bike efficiency. Flat pedal models are designed with rubber and tread patterns that maximize pedaling stability when riding on flat pedals. All MTB offerings prioritize trail protection and durability.

Mountain Bike Shoes


For a do-it-all shoe, shopping the gravel category will likely be your best bet. Adapting the sleek design of road shoes with SPD-compatibility, improved durability, and walkability of our MTB line-up, our gravel collection is ready to take you on mixed terrain riding adventures.

gravel shoes

Indoor Cycling, Spin, and Fitness

Without the presence of a natural breeze, trainer sessions can get hot in a hurry. In a hot and humid training space, your feet are likely to suffer the most (and you can run the risk of forming blisters). Our selection of shoes for indoor riding feature lightweight construction, extra-venting uppers, and are compatible with SPD or Delta cleats. Find the shoes that are right for you and start spinning or commuting cooler.

indoor shoes

Clipping In

From improving your efficiency on the bike, to maximizing power distribution, being clipped in to your pedals – in certain scenarios – will help you feel more at one with the bike and allow you to push further with greater force and ease. Different cleats, which attach to your bike’s pedals, are built for different types of riding. Typically, the faster you ride, the more solid you’d want your foot to be attached to the pedal, and the use of - and type of - cleat determines how easily you can clip and unclip. Our shoes are designed with all types of riding in mind, and we have shoes 2-bolt SPD, 3-bolt Delta, or 5-bolt options to accommodate either. In addition to 2-bolt and 3-bolt options, we also offer flat pedal options for riders that prefer the flexibility and full freedom of movement.

Trouble deciding?

Looking for size advice? Need to know how a shoe compares to another brand? Our customer care team - made up of real-life cycling fanatics - is available to help!