The Right Shorts Take You Where You Want to Go

Choosing the right bike shorts comes down to two factors—function and feel. What type of riding do you plan to do and what shorts make you feel your best? We offer performance-built shorts that span the whole gamut of cycling disciplines—from smooth and fast tarmac, techy singletrack, to the wide array of gravel grinding that falls somewhere in between. Where you take your bike may dictate some key features in your kit.

fit meets function

The tried-and-true rules of cycling apparel—spandex on tarmac, baggies on trail—became trends for good reason. On the road, snug, muscle-hugging bibs move with you, not against you, ensuring next-to-skin comfort as you pedal. The svelte design creates less wind resistance and improves fabric performance, so you’ll stay drier, cooler, and more comfortable. And because traditional road jerseys have back pockets there is no need for pockets on the shorts—but trends are starting to change (read on for more about our Cargo shorts).


Mountain Bike

Mountain bike shorts split focus between durability and stretch, while adding other adventure features like secure pockets for snack storage. Unlike road shorts, mountain bike shorts have two independent pieces, a “shell” outershort and “liner” undershort. The liner has the compression of a standard bike short to help hold the integrated padded chamois in place, which adds comfort on the trail. Because these pieces are independent, you can purchase them together or separately, so pay attention to the description. Of course, some riders choose compression road shorts for mountain biking and baggy shorts for the road, so do what you’re most comfortable with.

We think about chamois, so you don’t have to

There’s no reason for discomfort to limit time in the saddle. Bike shorts offer the most comfortable ride by doing two things really well— reducing skin friction and providing cushion on a bike seat. The chamois is the key. These padded inserts have a soft wicking face to keep your skin dry, and over a centimeter of highly breathable foam to support your body at your contact points. Not all chamois are created equal, which is why we’ve been designing ours in house for more than 40 years. It helps us ensure the best materials and allows us to push the pace of innovation. Investing more in your bike shorts means a better chamois. Premium chamois offer plusher comfort longer into your ride without adding bulk. You can choose from three levels in the PEARL iZUMi line: PRO, ELITE, or SELECT.

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Bib Shorts

Traditional cycling shorts are designed to provide comfortable compression, with inseams long enough to cover the thigh for muscle support. Bib cycling shorts trade a compression waistband for stretchy support straps giving you the most comfortable riding experience, and are favored over standard shorts by most experienced riders

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Sporty Cycling Shorts

If you’re not a fan of the bike-short look but want the pedaling performance, these sporty styles are your best bet. All include a comfortable chamois.

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Cargo Cycling Shorts

Cargo shorts have all the advantages of traditional bike shorts but with pockets to carry a phone and snacks, or handle trash. If you don’t want to wear a pocketed cycling jersey, or simply want more carrying capacity, cargo shorts are a must-have.

liner shorts

Perfect whether you need something to wear under a mountain bike shell short or a pair of gym shorts for an at home workout. These liner shorts are made with highly breathable sweat-wicking materials andinclude a friction-fighting chamois.

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Trail Shorts with Liners

These lightweight pedal-friendly shorts are perfect if you’re planning to hit some singletrack. And all include chamois liners, so you’ll be ready to ride.

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these categories are just our guidelines—the best shorts are the ones you want to ride in!