meet our crew

We’re excited to ride with this amazing group of people in 2021. Though they come from a wide range of backgrounds and styles, they all share at least two things in common: A pure love for riding and a desire to build a stronger cycling community. Check out their social channels and tune into our blog for inspiring stories throughout the year.

Angela Naeth

South Easton, MA

Angela Naeth is a professional triathlete and has been a PEARL iZUMi athlete for over 10 years. She is the founder of the largest women's endurance community: She's a coach, athlete and most importantly a driving force for all women to be on bikes! @angelanaeth

Brice Shirbach

Wilmington, DE

Bikes have allowed for me to develop a profound connection with our planet, and inspire me every day to share my love and joy with the rest of the world through storytelling and adventures. I'm also an incredibly proud parent and hope to instill my love for two wheels and the mountains in my children. @bricycles

Syd Schulz

Taos, NM

Pro enduro racer turned "everything" racer and YouTube bike mechanic. Currently working my way back from a year long injury. @sydandmacky

Jeff Lenosky

Sparta, NJ

For more than 2 decades Jeff has traveled the globe performing demonstrations, organizing group rides and creating videos to share the stoke with everyone from casual to the most hardcore riders. Over the past 5 years Jeff has worked with Can’d Aid, a non profit group to donate more than 3000 bikes with the intention of making bike riding more accessible to underprivileged children. @jefflenosky

Josie Fouts

San Diego, CA

Josie has a fiery passion for discovering the human body’s limitlessness by putting herself through the ultimate test as an elite Paracyclist. As a congenital amputee tackling all types of terrain, she brings a unique perspective to bike riding. Josie enjoys advocating for Para-Mountain Biking to be a Nationally recognized sport and catcalling dogs for the irony. @ms.stubbornness

Macky Franklin

Taos, NM

Pro XC and enduro racer, currently dabbling across all disciplines. Telling the story on

Alexey Vermeulen

Ann Arbor, MI

From the World Tour to racing in my home state of Michigan, I have always enjoyed the ride that bikes have taken me on. Now in my new home of Colorado, I look forward to taking on the hardest races in the nation, while helping diversify the growing cycling community. @alexeyvermeulen

Skye Schillhammer

Bellingham, WA

My name is Skye and I'm a mountain biker and creator based out of Bellingham, WA. Mountain biking is the space I feel most creative. From riding, photography, videography and even trail building, I live this sport. It's what drives me and inspires me everyday. @skyeride

Jake Magee

Horsham, Australia

The thing I like about cycling is it brings so many people together who might not usually socialize or spend time with each other. I enjoy any two wheeled activity, crit racing, gravel adventures, bike packing or fat biking. @iamjakemagee

Hannah Shell

Boulder, CO

I fell in love with cycling through racing, but after 6 years of competing I’ve learned cycling is so much more than just the race. Cycling is my flow state. It’s where I find happiness no matter what’s going on in the outside world. Whether it’s high intensity efforts or long and slow rides, riding my bike is one constant that will always help me find peace. I believe it’s the strongest medicine out there! @hannahgshell

Korey Hopkins

Columbia, MD

I like to ride all the bikes, but give me a good mountain and some dope downhill trails and I am most at home. When not out on a solo mission for having fun or with a crew looking for a good time on two wheels, I am behind the camera capturing the moments that we all live for. @okayhop

Randy Barcena

Las Vegas, NV

As a young kid growing up in the Philippines, I learned that bicycle takes you to places and I’ve never lost my passion for bikes since. I never say no to a donut or two…or four before a bike ride. See #rice_adobo and learn #whyweride. @be_rb

Zach Petersen

Placerville, CA

I cut my teeth figuring out how to ride on the unforgiving mining trails of Northern California. When I am not racing enduro I enjoy smashing out big backcountry days in the Sierra Nevada, pushing dirt around the forest with a McLeod, and keeping the stoke high with Trail Peek. @zpetersendit

Annijke Wade

Santa Fe, NM

Riding bikes is freeing and zen to me. I'm happiest when I'm rolling on two wheels. There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of crushing a rocky section of downhill! @geodesicdome

Brooke Goudy

Montgomery, AL

I’m a southern woman shredding in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Roll Tide! I’m obsessed with going downhill, but not afraid to take a slow climb to the top to catch those breath-taking views. As a member of VIDA and a co-leader of Black Girls Do Bike Denver I advocate for more inclusive space for all women, especially black women. @brookegoudy

Teresa Tarn

Lakewood, CO

Teresa loves riding her bike to explore new places and discover how far she can go both physically and mentally. She has learned through her cycling adventures that any challenge is surmountable with thoughtful planning, commitment to that plan, and support from a tight-knit community. Through her experience as a PMBIA certified coach, she aims to help others feel similarly empowered both on and off the trail. @tarnelope

Jen Toops

Marion, OH

Growing up in Ohio, Jen's family introduced her to a life full of two-wheeled adventures. She started racing in 2015 and now races on the PEARL iZUMi Pivot team focusing on MTB and gravel races. Although she loves racing, her real passion is all day bike adventures and exploring the globe with her husband. @jentoops

Dave Wonderly

Silverado, CA

I like perusing athletic endeavors in wild places. I like riding bicycles. Mountain biking brings all that together for me. Ride like you mean it, ride to enjoy it, ride whenever you can and never stop riding. @davewonderly

Jenn Hess

Laramie, WY

My full-time job is a wildlife biologist, but my fun-time job is directing or co-directing mountain bike clinics or camps for youth and adults. My mom says I have too many bikes--I tell her that's impossible. Bikes are rad. @jennopolis55

Britt Greer

Golden, CO

Colorado native, Britt Greer, is dedicated to getting more women on bikes. As the director of Women's Programs at COMBA, she's developed a series of events aimed to support, grow and empower the lady shred community. Since 2015, she's been a lead coach with VIDA MTB Series, helping women confidently push past their comfort zones and realize their riding goals. @brittdgreer

Marley Blonsky

Seattle, WA

Hi, I’m Marley Blonsky, a Seattle based bike-adventurer. I'm a fat woman and believe that bikes can be a tool for community building, empowerment, education and fun. I’m an advocate for people of all sizes, genders, races, ages, income levels and abilities to be included and welcomed in the bike community. I love to bike camp, organize group rides and explore by bike! @marleyblonsky

Sam Summers

Longmont, CO

Sam is a scientist living in Longmont, Colorado, as well as an outdoor enthusiast. Due to an injury leading to paralysis, you will see her on the trails on three wheels instead of two--and yes, three wheels can still shred single-track! Sam's trike provides unparalleled happiness and access to places a wheelchair can't go, and she hopes to help other adaptive athletes realize that the end of pavement is only the beginning of adventure. @samsam_summers

Trevor McCutcheon

Grand Junction, CO

I am an outdoor enthusiast who loves building trails as much as I love riding them. Advocate against littering and soil pollution; pick up your d*mn trash. Not sure where I fit in, I just like schralping tires! @trevor_mccutcheon

Cooper Ott

Gunnison, CO

I love all of the places cycling can take you! From the top of a mountain, down to the river, or to go get ice cream with your friends. Being able to share my passion for mountain biking with others in hopes that they find the same joy in it as I do is what I love! @cooperdendelott

Alex McAndrew

East Burke, VT

My goal as an athlete is to inspire all generations to experience life first hand; to get outside, ride a mountain bike and appreciate this world we live in. The more aware we are of our world the more respect we will have for it. Personally I feel most alive charging down raw, old-school single track when I can think about nothing else but the trail in front of me! @bikesmcandrew

Ella McAndrew

East Burke, VT

I am in my happy place while riding a bike! I love all aspects of pushing myself to progress. Conquering my fears and learning new ways of having fun is what drives me. There is nothing better than sharing this experience with friends! @el_ahh

Dane Petersen

Placerville, CA

Always looking for trails off the beaten path. Passionate about trail building and long backcountry rides. @dpetersen

John Shackelford

Washington DC

Being a bicycle messenger in NYC you adapt to other disciplines of cycling like enduro riding and cyclocross. I can’t say I like one more then the other but while bike touring the Underground Railroad I was able to give back to communities less fortunate. I would say bringing smiles on a bike is what’s really important to me. @_dammitbobby_

Ryan Petry

Boulder, CO

Hello! I'm Ryan and I really like being outside exploring new places while seeing how fast and far I can go. I've managed to turn this into my career with the mountain and gravel bike as my transportation of choice. Riding bikes makes me happy, and my goal is to get more people excited about riding and trying new things in hopes it makes our world a happier, healthier place. @rypetry

Nanggaahlaangstangs (Damen Bell)

Hydaburg, Alaska

I picked up cycling because of the benefits the sport has had on my mental health. @nanggaahlaangstangs

Dillon Caldwell

Bend, OR

I'm a firm believer that bikes should be, first and foremost, a tool for connection. Let's let cycling be our guide for connecting with our world, our community, and our inner-self on a deeper level. @theopentrail

Nicole Caldwell

Bend, OR

Riding a bike for me is my form of meditation, my escape, my release, and where my family and friends are. I enjoy competition and rides for enjoyment, a feeling of accomplishment and always love a good challenge. At the end of the day being on a bike is what makes my heart happy, it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing as long as I’m pedaling. @nicolee.caldwell

Jen Hanks

Las Vegas, NV

Jen Hanks is a Pro Mountain Bike racer and advocate who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. Her lifestyle is centered on cycling and promoting the sport in her community. As a racer, she specializes in marathon distance races and multi-day stage races around the world. When not racing, she coordinates the Southern Nevada NICA GRiT (Girls Ride Together) program and is on the Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association board. @hanksjen

Lia Westermann

Park City, UT

I grew up riding mountain bikes with my family and fell in love with the outdoors and exploring on my bike at a young age. I started out racing cross country, then got into enduro and gravity racing and started racing professionally 4 years ago. Mountain bike racing helps me push myself, conquer my fears, and most importantly have fun! @liawestermann

Anthony Toops

Waldo, OH

Riding on 2 wheels has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up riding freestyle BMX, some MX, and now MTB, gravel, and road. Riding is definitely my escape from reality and something I'll be doing as long as I physically can. I think bikes are one of the best ways to see the world. Whether you go short, or go far, theres always something to see from behind your bars.

Sarah Farsace

Kansas City, MO

I aim to spend time doing things I enjoy with people who support my smile. If that includes travel, tacos, or a shared beverage I’m not going to fight it. I’m a PE teacher, cancer survivor, and most recently unwilling participant in a hit and run (I only recommend one of those). To me bikes are empowering machines. They offer an endless “choose your own” adventure. @hostile_heroine

Erik Proaño

Edwards, CO

Erik is a Colorado mountain dwelling recreational rider that spent 18 years guiding cycling tours in the Western US, Canada, Mexico and South America. He has a passion for the peace that the remoteness of the backcountry offers and believes the mountain bike is the perfect tool to immerse oneself in the beauty of our natural sanctuaries. @powdermonk

Melissa Westergard

Highlands Ranch, CO

Riding a bike is life changing! I've been blessed with meeting a lot a great people and developing lifelong friendships from riding. The ideal day on the bike for me is with friends riding on dirt or gravel roads with a few long hills. My goal in riding bikes is to share the stoke of cycling! @mile_high_gravel_girl

Nina "Machina" Machnowski

Verona, NJ

I found my passion in mountain biking and the outdoors from a very young age, gravitating towards the 100K race format that encompasses my love for hours of wilderness riding and the endurance training process. I am a previous member of the NICA New Jersey high school mountain bike team, Verona Offroad, and I am now racing for the Brevard College Cycling Team in NC. @nina.machina

Marlee Dixon

Pittsford, VT

I started mountain biking in Breckenridge, Colorado and soon after I discovered racing. It’s become a huge passion of mine and I love all the places it takes me and the wonderful community of friends. My favorite rides are huge high alpine climbs followed by long descents. Cycling allows people to get outside and enjoy nature in a unique way that is both fun and healthy. Everyone should have a bike! @graciedaze

Quentin "Quote The Brand" Jones

Denver, CO

Quality Uncommon Original Talented Entertainment = "QUOTE" on a Bike - Just a Human on a bicycle that understands diversity is very important. I ride a bike so more humans that look like me will feel motivated to get on a Bicycle. It's very good for Mental Health and to feel free. Proud Coach and open minded human. A proud member and rider for R4RJ - (Ride For Racial Justice). @quotethebrand

Amalia Miller

San Francisco, CA

I was born and raised in the city, but my heart lies with travel and exploration. Whether weaving through city streets or uncovering new trails, cycling takes me to a new, wondrous place. Over the years, it has evolved along with my life and opened the door to new friendships, new challenges — road, triathlon, gravel, and MTB — and new adventures. @amaliamiller

Nicole Sin Quee

Bronx, NY

Jamaican in The Bronx. Athlete, Teacher, Fitness Model, Wife, Mother. @sinquee

Anthony Venida

Washington, D.C.

My name is Anthony and I got into road cycling after college when I decided to bike across the country with an organization called the 4K for Cancer - which changed my life for the better. Cycling serves multiple purposes in my life, and I can't thank those two wheels enough for getting me this far in life. @antoekneeohh

Michael Trimble

San Diego, CA

Cycling is my mental and physical therapy. I enjoy all types of cycling, road, gravel and mountain. I am currently focused on triathlon in my 6th season I have completed 10, 70.3 races and have taken on the full distance IM this November in Tempe AZ. @trimblemichael

Brannon Pack

Fayetteville, AR

Professional Cycling Coordinator by day, typically pulling up the rear on gravel and bikepacking adventures in Arkansas on the weekends. Tireless cycling advocate for my community, trying to save humanity one new cyclist at a time. @partyatpacks

Kelly Paananen

Boise, ID

Cycling is important to me for staying fit and feeling great! I love commuting to work on my bike which also saves a lot of money and helps the environment! @kellypaananen

Dana Dobbs

Queenstown, MD

I love cycling because it makes me feel free, like a kid again. There are few things that are a simple and pleasurable as riding a bike. I think if more people rode, more people would be happier because you can make it anything you want. I prefer triathlon and really challenging myself in workouts. But, it’s up to the rider to choose what they want from their bike. @DanaDobbs

Phil Castello

Wauconda, IL

I'm the head brewer and managing partner of Side Lot Brewery in Wauconda IL. I also manage the Side Lot Tri Club. Over the past year I've stopped trying to race and just get on my bike for fun! I'm lucking enough to live at the trail head of a 500 mile network of gravel paths. The gravel bike is my go-to setup, but living in the midwest a fat bike is a great way to play in the snow. @PhilCastello

Carlos Torres

San Antonio, TX

I have been riding since I was a kid and I haven’t really stopped. I enjoy riding all kinds of bikes, especially TT, gravel and MTB. Give me a route and I will go the distance! Bikes give me peace and I can be one with myself, which is something everyone could benefit from! @cspeedyt

Mallory Miller

Portland, OR

Electrochemist by day, cyclist by night!. Gravel and road riding/racing are my passion. I started cycling for the challenge and potential to constantly improve, building self-esteem and nurturing self-awareness. I have continued with the sport because of my love for exploring, the ability to enjoy and appreciate nature, and experiencing the world while feeling truly connected to it. @mmiller156

Melissa Grieco

Rye, NY

Riding has always played a significant role in my life ever since I shed my training wheels as a toddler and graduated to a real bike. Road biking become a focal point twelve years ago once I discovered the sport of triathlon. So far on my endurance sports journey, I’ve completed a total of 47 triathlons including fourteen full Ironman races, thirteen Half Ironman races as well as numerous marathons, duathlons and Fondos. @melissamgrieco

Laura Schmitt

Portland, OR

A Colorado Native, with roots as a recreational mountain biker exploring the trails of the Gunnison Valley. 8 years ago I moved to Portland, OR and quickly found cycling to be a way of life. I am avid about using a bike as my main mode of transportation to get around Portland and you will only find me driving when I am headed for the hills in search of the loamy PNW single track. @lauraschmitty

Maria Cesca

Deerfield Beach, FL

Maria is an avid cyclist who rides her road, gravel, and touring bikes everywhere to have fun, make friends, improve her physical and mental health, and enjoy life. She says, "If it has a saddle, two wheels, and two pedals, I'm on it!" For her, bicycles are like music: they create connections independent of age, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, place of birth, or language spoken. @marialu53

Deanna McCurdy

Littleton, CO

I have a passion for bikes. While some people think it is because I have an infatuation with climbing up mountains, racing hard, and challenging myself with lofty goals, my real love for what a bike can do runs much deeper. Bikes can give a person freedom. An adaptive bike gave my daughter the freedom to move independently at age 3 before she could walk. @deemccurdy

Alexander M Olbrich

Washington D.C.

I got into bikes through messenger-ing here in Washington D.C. Since then I’ve discovered for my love for racing Cyclocross and Shredding Mountain Bike Trails with the homies. I just really love how bikes can bring all types of people with different backgrounds together to share the same passion. They are also great tools for transportation and even making a little bit of money. I don’t know where I would be without them. @oblock_tpr

Turner Ramsay

Leicester, VT

My goal when I get on a bike is to smile, new trails, good friends, tasty snacks, and beautiful views all play into that. My favorite time spent on a bike is one when I am sharing my love for two wheels! @b.turnerramsay

Dylan Morton

Wheat Ridge, CO

Always salt. Sometimes grit. @made_of_salt

Barrett Hoover

Pisgah Forest, NC

I truly believe riding bikes helps to bring people together. My wife and I met riding bikes. Most of my best friends are people I met on bike rides. Bringing people together is more important than ever nowadays, and going on a bike ride with someone is one of the best ways I know to do that! Bonus points if it's a ride that involves some dirt! @redwolftours

Tomas Orellana

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am not only passionate about biking but about what it can teach you and bring to your life. Biking changed my life and helps me grow every day, its helped me become a better person and has shaped who I am.

Edwardo Garabito

Brooklyn, NY

One misconception is like to address is the idea that big people can’t ride bikes fast... for the people who don’t know about me I’m 6’3 and big and heavy. From the Big ol nations capitol, and now living and riding in Brooklyn NY. From riding trails, to ripping the road, I go anywhere the bike takes me. Ive been riding/wrenching on bikes since the day i started walking and talking! @edwardogara

Shannon Boffeli

Las Vegas, NV

Shannon has been a lifelong mountain biker and advocate for the sport. He is the founder of the website and race team (currently the Pearl Izumi/Pivot MTB team), as well as co-founder of several mountain bike races including the Park City Point 2 Point. He is passionate about sharing his love of the sport and supporting the mountain bike community. @shannonboffeli